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2015-16 - Supplementary Information Table: Status Report on Transformational and Major Crown Projects

Supplementary Information Table: Status Report on Transformational and Major Crown Projects

Project name

New Bridge for the St. Lawrence Corridor Project


The existing Champlain Bridge is one of the busiest bridges in Canada with traffic estimated at over 40 million vehicles per year. It is a major Canada-United States trade corridor, handling $20 billion of international trade and 11 million transit commuters per year.

The New Bridge for the St. Lawrence Corridor (NBSL) Project addresses the need to replace the Champlain Bridge and the temporary causeway (which is being built as a temporary replacement to the Nuns' Island Bridge), both having reached the end of their useful lives. The Project also offers an efficient solution to the movement of goods and people by widening the federally owned A15 Highway to a six-lane capacity. The NBSL Project is expected to be delivered as a public-private partnership (P3).

Project outcomes

  • Improving the Safety of Users;
  • Maintain the Safety and Efficiency of the Saint-Lawrence Corridor;
  • Designing a Bridge with a 125 Year Life Expectancy; and
  • Improving the Flow of People and Goods in the Montreal Area.

Industrial benefits

Replacing the existing infrastructures, as well as widening the A15 Highway will mitigate any risk of disrupting the trade corridor and will improve the flow of traffic.

The project provides significant opportunities for local business to participate, notably in construction related aspect of the project's implementation.

Sponsoring department

Office of Infrastructure of Canada

Contracting authority

Public Works and Government Services Canada

Participating departments

Public Works and Government Services Canada, Justice Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Environment Canada

Prime contractors as of January 2015

Project Financial and Business Advisor
Price Waterhouse Coopers
18 York St., Suite 2600
Toronto, ON M5J 0B2

Project Technical Advisor
Arup Canada Inc.
600 Boulevard de Maisonneuve West, Office 750
Montréal, QC H3A 3J2

Major subcontractors as of January 2015

Traffic and Revenue
Forecast Steer Davies Gleave
Suite 970 – 355 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 2G8

Project phase

The NBSL project is currently in the procurement phase. It is expected that a private partner will be selected in Spring 2015 to undertake the construction, operation and maintenance of the project's various components. The acquisition of land in the Montréal and Brossard region started in 2014.

Major milestones

Milestones achieved: Date
Environmental assessment is completed October 2013
Launch of the procurement process – Request for Qualifications March 2014
Beginning of acquisition of land June 2014
Announcement of the design specifications for the New Bridge for the St. Lawrence June 2014
Announcement of the three consortia invited to participate in the Request for Proposals process. July 2014
Milestones planned for 2015-2016:
Complete the evaluation of the technical and financial proposals submitted by proponents, as a result of the Request for Proposals.
Select a preferred proponent to conduct early work on the new bridge for the St. Lawrence corridor project, in order to capitalize on the 2015 construction season, based on an evaluation of the proposals.
Sign the project agreement with the private partner who is chosen to ensure the construction, financing, and the operation and maintenance and life-cycle costs of the assets for a period of 35 years, upon financial close.
Monitor and support the construction of the assets with respect to prescribed timelines and budget.
Continue to work with stakeholders, including provincial and municipal governments, semi-public organizations and Canadians to promote safety and efficiency of the St. Lawrence Corridor.

Progress report and explanation of variances

  • Necessary authorities were provided in December 2013 and April 2014 to carry out the NBSL project. Authorities were sought in 2014-2015, and will also be sought in 2015-2016.
  • Budget 2014 supported the NBSL project by providing $165 million over a period of two years, in order to take on the preparatory work required for building the various components of the project. Subsequent approval for expenditure authority was provided.
  • The New Bridge for the St. Lawrence Corridor project has been identified as a Transformational project, as the total value is beyond the $100 million threshold, as set out in the Treasury Board's Policy on the Management of Projects. The construction cost for Canada has been estimated at between $3 billion and $5 billion. Project approval was granted in April 2014.
  • In April 2014, approval was provided to begin the acquisition of properties, as required for the Project.
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