Departmental Plan 2019-20
Gender–Based Analysis Plus (GBA+)

General Information


Infrastructure Canada (INFC) is working towards developing a GBA+ culture and implementing a structured approach to incorporate the analytical tool in its daily activities. The Policy and Results Branch leads INFC's efforts on GBA+ and hosts the Department's GBA+ Responsibility Centre.

The GBA+ Responsibility Centre:

  • Provides GBA+ leadership and raises awareness across the department;
  • Reviews, assesses, and provides guidance on Memoranda to Cabinet, Treasury Board Submissions, and Budget Proposals;
  • Develops tools and resources, and organizes learning events to increase GBA+ capacity within the Department; and,
  • Liaises with Status of Women Canada and the broader Government of Canada GBA+ Interdepartmental Network.

The GBA+ Responsibility Centre recently launched an internal website to provide resources and build capacity across the department. The GBA+ Responsibility Centre works in conjunction with INFC's Diversity, Inclusion and Official Languages Co-Champions to promote a workplace that welcomes and celebrates differences and breaks down barriers.

The integration of GBA+ in all facets of INFC's work – from ideation to decision making, to monitoring and reporting – is supported by senior management. The Departmental Management Committee, which is the most senior level of the INFC governance structure, provides strategic direction on policies and programs to ensure that they are made with an understanding of the positive and negative impacts of infrastructure investments on all Canadians. Overall, INFC is on track to improve the departmental culture with respect to the implementation of GBA+ and is committed to ensuring equitable outcomes of infrastructure investments for all Canadians.

Human Resources

INFC GBA+ Responsibility Centre consists of 1 full time employee, one supporting analyst (0.5 FTE) and one manager (0.25 FTE) dedicated to the implementation and mainstreaming of GBA+ in the Department.

Planned Initiatives

In 2019-2020, planned initiatives will focus on three areas:

Building capacity through awareness and training:

  • Promote GBA+ training for employees;
  • Deliver outreach activities for employees; and,
  • Continue liaising with the Diversity, Inclusion and Official Languages Co-Champions to promote GBA+.

Supporting data and analysis:

  • Conduct an organizational scan to assess current levels of GBA+ knowledge and application;
  • Assess available data and research to support GBA+ for infrastructure; and,
  • Undertake key diagnostics to strengthen GBA+, including work that supports the Community Employment Benefits initiative.

Enhancing advice and reporting:

  • Provide evidence-based GBA+ analyses in Memorandums to Cabinet, Treasury Board Submissions, and Budget proposals;
  • Ensure GBA+ considerations are included in public reporting; and,
  • Explore GBA+ performance measures for new programs.

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