Departmental Plan 2018-19
Gender–Based Analysis Plus (GBA+)

General Information


The department is still in the early stages of building a GBA+ culture and incorporating it in daily activities. The Policy and Results Branch is the department's responsibility centre for GBA+. It is currently building internal resources and capacity to identify, analyze and integrate GBA+ in all facets of the department's work over the long term such as decision making, monitoring and reporting.

GBA+ is a key feature of all Memoranda to Cabinet and Treasury Board Submissions and is always developed in consultation with the GBA+ focal point in the Policy and Results Branch.

Infrastructure Canada seeks to ensure that decisions regarding our policies and programs are made with our best understanding of the positive and negative impacts of infrastructure investment on all Canadians. Overall, Infrastructure Canada is on track to improve the departmental culture with respect to the implementation of GBA+ and is committed to ensuring equitable outcomes of infrastructure investments for all Canadians.

Human Resources

There will be one full–time employee in the Policy and Results Branch who will act as the departmental focal point dedicated to GBA+ implementation in the department in 2018–19.

Planned Initiatives

Departmental initiatives where GBA+ will be applied and monitored include new Infrastructure Canada programs under the Investing in Canada plan. The department is committed to ensuring all Canadians benefit from its investments made through the Investing in Canada plan. Robust performance measurement strategies are being developed for new programs, which include features such as outcomes, indicators and (in some cases) targets, to help ensure that all Canadians benefit from these investments. For example, a key outcome for the Investing in Canada plan is that Canadian communities are more inclusive and accessible. Project assessment and selection processes will ensure that programs achieve tangible results.

Additionally, a Community Employment Benefits reporting framework will be implemented as part of the Investing in Canada plan to encourage proponents to increase employment opportunities for federal targeted groups in the construction industry and related sectors.

Reviews of programs will examine whether they are on track to meet outcomes, including those related to GBA+. Where applicable, the reviews will be an opportunity to assess progress towards targets, and if necessary, to adjust targets or establish new ones. The reviews could include evaluations, audits, surveys, and program data analysis. Outcomes of the reviews would inform future decision making.

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