Investing in Canada: $180 + billion infrastructure plan over 12 years

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long-term economic growth
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Public Transit icon

$28.7 billion

Build new urban transit networks and service extensions that will transform the way Canadians live, move and work.

Budget 2016:
$3.4 billion

Budget 2017:
$20.3 billion

Canada Infrastructure Bank:
$5 billion

Green Infrastructure icon

$26.9 billion

Ensure access to safe water, clean air, and greener communities where Canadians can watch their children play and grow.

Budget 2016:
$5 billion

Budget 2017:
$16.9 billion

Canada Infrastructure Bank:
$5 billion

Social Infrastructure icon

$25.3 billion

Provide adequate and affordable housing and child care as well as cultural and recreational centers that will ensure Canada's communities continue to be great places to call home.

Budget 2016:
$3.4 billion

Budget 2017:
$21.9 billion

Trade and Transport icon

$10.1 billion

Provide safe, sustainable and efficient transportation systems that will bring global markets closer to Canada to help Canadian businesses compete, grow and create more middle-class jobs.

Budget 2017:
$5.1 billion

Canada Infrastructure Bank:
$5 billion

Rural and Northern Communities icon

$2 billion

Grow local economies, improve social inclusiveness and better safeguard the health and environment of rural and northern communities.

Budget 2017:
$2 billion

In addition, the $400 million Arctic Energy Fund will be delivered under this stream to support energy security in the territories.

Delivering the Plan

Canada Infrastructure Bank

  • Help public dollars go farther and build more infrastructure projects

Bilateral Agreements

  • Achieve national objectives while providing provinces, territories and municipalities with the flexibility to meet their infrastructure priorities

Smart Cities Challenge

  • Challenge communities of all sizes to improve the lives of their residents through innovation, data and connected technology

Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund

  • Help communities adapt to a changing climate while mitigating the impacts of future disasters

Investing in Indigenous Communities

  • Improve community infrastructure and create new opportunities

The Investing in Canada plan also includes $92.2 billion for existing and renewed infrastructure programs such as the federal Gas Tax Fund that provides over $2 billion every year to municipalities.

Infratructure Canada Bilateral Agreements with Provinces and Territories

Investments delivered by Infrastructure Canada through bilateral agreements with provinces and territories will streamline the delivery of funding. These agreements will ensure that federal investments help achieve national objectives, while providing the flexibility for provinces, territories and municipalities to meet their infrastructure investment priorities.

Budget 2016 Investments

Accelerated federal investments providing short term funding for the rehabilitation, repair, and modernization of existing infrastructure.

  • Clean Water and Wastewater Fund
  • Public Transit Infrastructure Fund

Budget 2017 Investments

Delivered over the next decade, this predictable source of funding will support local priorities and help communities across the country prosper and innovate. Infrastructure Canada funding will be delivered through bilateral agreements with provinces and territories under four streams:

  • Public Transit
  • Community, Culture and Recreation
  • Green
  • Rural and Northern Communities

Under these integrated bilateral agreements, the Government of Canada will invest up to:

  • 40% of municipal* and not-for-profit projects in the provinces;
  • 50% of provincial* projects;
  • 75% for projects in the territories and for projects with Indigenous partners;
  • 25% of for-profit private sector projects (except in the Community, Culture and Recreation Stream, where for-profit private sector projects are not eligible).

Provinces will have to cost-share municipal projects at a minimum of 33.33% of eligible costs.

* For public transit, Canada will invest up to 50% for rehabilitation projects and up to 40% of new public transit construction and expansion projects.

* For projects under the Rural and Northern Communities stream, Canada will invest up to 50% for provincial, municipal and not-for-profit projects, and up to 60% for municipal projects in the provinces where municipalities have a population of less than 5,000.

Allocations by Province and Territory

Image 1: Allocations by Province and Territory

Image 1: Allocations by Province and Territory

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